One of our students put together this amazing collection. Thank you for allowing us to showcase how talented our students are.

By A.C.

An Echo in Time and An Echo in Time: This piece took 2 months and upwards of 10 total hrs of work, sounds ridiculous but I had drafted and erased and modified it about 6 times before finally settling on the look. This artwork was heavily inspired by music of similar name (Lucy in Disguise – Echoes in Time), surreal art such as The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali (which is referenced within the piece), and some of my older artworks as well. An Echo in Time is definitely one of my proudest artwork, without a doubt, however, I wouldn’t say I am too proud of how long it took me.


Green: This artwork was somewhat inspired by my sister, she had started buying and growing a ridiculous amount of plants in her room, she kept them in small pots, containers, even in an ice cube tray. I would have to say that those plants in the artwork are heavily exaggerated though, the ones in my sister’s room aren’t actually that big.









Swimmer: I created this artwork right after Swim season had ended, this is also one of my prouder pieces that i have made. (There are other variations of this artwork with small changes, please ask if you need them)




 “I like pigeons”: as for the name, I was planning to make a series of artworks all following a similar concept of a pigeon doing a podcast, but in different time periods (ex: ancient Egypt, dark age Europe, maybe even future), and yes, I know I spelled pigeon wrong, I just liked it like that. As for actual commentary on the artwork: I like pigeons a lot.


 “Unspoken spoken thoughts”: I made this artwork at the request of Mrs. Amaro for her playbill cover. Typically I wouldn’t do artworks involving portraits or human faces but I think I did quite well here