Dear Parents,

Welcome to the High School for Community Leadership. My role is to maintain active communication with families, provide direct individual and group therapeutic support to students, and identify specific resources to enable students to learn and address their mental health-related needs. Upon enrollment, we complete a comprehensive social and developmental history for each student. Throughout the school year, we help teachers implement goals for our students to build self-determination in students with disabilities.

My role here at HSCL is one of support. I am available to meet with you one on one to discuss Medicaid, Medicaid waivers, funding resources in the community, self-care, and the transition to adult life once your child graduates from HSCL. My primary goal is to prepare you and your child to have a meaningful and thriving post-secondary life. Additionally, I work with families to ensure that their children have access to what they need to come to a school to continue to learn and grow as individuals.

I also serve as the Senior Advisor, and I can promise you all that I will always strive to empower our students and you as parents because you all are an invaluable member of your children’s lives.

We also have speakers present various topics several times per year. If you would like more information about our special presentations, please feel free to email me.

Feel free to email me at Ms. Sicard

Ms. Sicard, MSW

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