The DOE has created NYC Schools Account for each student in New York City public schools.

What is a NYC Schools Account?
NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is a DOE application that lets you access important information about your children on any device.
The website is also accessible in nine languages!

Why is the NYC Schools Account important?
An NYC Schools Account is necessary for parents to view their child’s grades, report cards, attendance history, test scores, transportation information, IEP information, submit COVID consent forms, track your child’s progress to graduation, and there’s more to come!

This is a great resource to have especially if you have multiple children as you can access multiple accounts/information with one parent account.

This year it is especially important as it is the only way parents can run and vote in the upcoming 2021 Education Council Elections.

How To Register

To register for an NYCSA account, click here.

If you would like a video tutorial on how to assist your child in accessing their NYCSA account, you can watch it here.

You can also see below for an English and Spanish explanation of How to Create your NYCSA account online.

Or view the Step to Step Guide below:

As always, if you need any assistance please feel free to contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Yen at