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According to a recent article by Daily News, Mayor de Blasio has stated he has plans to reopen high schools in the next few weeks. Of course, with vaccines being administered and Covid statistics being relatively low, it seems like this was only a matter of time. However, there have been mixed feelings about the plans to reopen high schools. De Blasio himself has said, “High school comes with some additional complications, but I’m very hopeful we’ll get it done.” I took it upon myself to ask my peers at HSCL their feelings about the possibility of the school’s reopening and how Covid has impacted their academic lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It was first identified in December 2019.


Q. “How has your connection with your teachers and classmates changed?”


“The connection with my teachers and classmates became a little weak since there is no human to human interaction.”

– Judah Francis, Junior

    “Less connected with both my teachers and classmates, which sucks, but it’s fine.”

– Joshell Lawrence, Senior


Q. “Do you feel like you’re able to learn virtually or are you just submitting work?”




“I don’t feel like I’m learning anything virtually because my main focus is just handing in the work, not really for learning purposes. Just to get it over with.”

 – Ryan Chan, Junior 

 “Personally, I have been learning just because I like learning independently and on my own”

  • Despina Nittis, Junior 


Q. “How have your grades changed during COVID, and why do you think that is?”


“My grades have changed. They’re up and down. Sometimes it’s honors, and other times, it’s borderline. The reason for that is because I’m a hands-on and visual learner, somethings just can’t be done online.”

– Skyla Gibbons, Junior 

   “My grades have  improved during Covid. Before I got 80’s and 90’s, now I get 90’s and 100’s. I mainly think the reason behind this change is that I could rely on the internet more.”

  • Nathalia Cayemittes, Junior


Q. “What would have to happen for you to be comfortable with entering the school building again?”


“The virus would have to be completely gone.”

– Kodi Ejiogu, Senior

                 “Everyone wearing a mask, the school is cleaned                                         and disinfected at the end of the day and the desk are a good distance apart”

 – Shenell Gorsira, Junior

After going through these responses I’ve noticed that the majority of students weren’t themselves. This pandemic has certainly weakened the HSCL learning experience for the majority of the students. As a student myself, I had an idea of what the answers would be like. It’s hard to learn when taken from a setting we grew up functioning in. We’re on a schedule where we get up, log in to zoom for a few hours, open up google classroom to complete assignments, then go back to doing whatever we do to pass the time, then go to bed and repeat. Everyone learns at a different pace, but Covid has forced us all into a tight spot. We as humans are social creatures, and we haven’t been able to be as social as we used to be inside of the building. Remote learning is proving to be a challenge, and it’s the sad reality that students have began to realize is the new normal.

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