Students and their parents/guardians have the responsibility to be aware of the school’s specific dress code and to conform to these requirements. If a student or parent has any questions about whether specific attire or accessories are in compliance with this dress code, they should contact an Assistant Principal prior to wearing such attire or accessory to ensure compliance. On campus, the faculty, staff and administration have the responsibility to interpret and enforce this policy. Each year parents ask for guidelines as they help students select appropriate attire for school. School pride, morale and image are influenced by the general appearance of students. HSCL wants to provide opportunities for students to express themselves but we also want to keep our students safe!


Dressing in a manner that may result in a distraction or disruption of a safe environment is considered inappropriate. Attire that suggests involvement in gang activity or any apparel that is suggestive, obscene, lewd, shows vulgar language or symbols, or shows symbols or language relating to or promoting sex, drugs, tobacco, weapons, violence, or alcohol on clothing are prohibited. Students should realize that brief and revealing clothing are not appropriate in school. 


Hats: We ask that students do not wear hats in the classroom. Dew rags are “NOT” acceptable!

No revealing or suggestive clothes (For example: Pants should be pulled up, underwear not visible and navel should be covered). 

Again, we want all students to have the freedom to express themselves, but we must also keep them safe.