Technology & Design

During the Technology and Design program at HSCL students learn about the modern technological world through the use of Chromebooks, circuits, 3-D printers, and laser cutters in our new 3-D Modeling program.

During the course students complete design challenges where they must use their critical thinking skills to complete tasks that allow them to see the world through the eyes of a designer. Students learn to utilize technology to create their original ideas learning how to make their ideas a reality. Students use texts such as  “Getting Started with Makerbot”, “Make: 3D Printing: The Essential Guide to 3D Printers” and “SketchUp 2013 Hands-On Student Coursebook” to learn how to operate these exciting innovative tools which make design possible.

Lets see whats happening at HSCL during our 3D Modeling & Manufacture class!!

For this design challenge, we had 7 real world objects – an apple core, tape dispenser, scissors, and more.  Kids had 35 minutes to put everything they had learned about modeling with primitives to use.  No tutorials, no instructions, just an object, ingenuity and a ticking clock to keep kids thinking fast.  The results?  See for yourselves!


Taquee and Chika provide insight into their strategy for modeling the scissors.  Fantastic attention to detail!

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