Foreign Language

The Foreign Language department at HSCL provides students with the ability to communicate in languages other than English, a fundamental part of all students’ educational experience. The primary goal of the Foreign Language department is to develop functional skills in the target language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Learning a foreign language broadens students’ understanding and appreciation of different cultures, and provides students with additional communication skills which will be useful in their future endeavors.

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Spanish Level 1: Beginner

In this course students will be introduced to the basic skills required for comprehension, conversation, reading, and writing in the Spanish language.  Students will learn to express themselves by gaining basic skills such as present tense verbs, adjectives, and other basic sentence structure. In order to become engaged in learning another language, students must be immersed in the language and, therefore, are given the opportunity to explore the culture of the Spanish-speaking world throughout this course.

Check out Syllabus for 2015-16 Here 

Spanish Level 2: Intermediate

This course is a continuation of the basic skills mastered in Level I with emphasis placed on oral and written expressions.  Students will have the opportunity to engage in deeper study of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries as well as develop an appreciation of the contributions of the Hispanic community within the United States. Students will participate in student-centered learning where students lead and create strong conversations about basic Spanish texts.

Check out Syllabus for 2015-16 Here 

Spanish Level 3: Advanced

In addition to strengthening oral and written expression, this course will enable students to sharpen their skills in auditory and reading comprehension. Participation in the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through the arts and media will be encouraged. Students will read texts that will help to hone strong comprehension and critical thinking skills. Students will take the New York City Language Other Than English (LOTE) Examination upon completion of this course.


French Level I: Beginner

This course is designed to develop the fundamentals of French grammar and pronunciation, basic skills in speaking, writing, and understanding the spoken and written French word, and knowledge about Francophone culture, geography, and way of life. Students will use the language to communicate in oral and written forms in the classroom as well as in real-world settings to develop social and academic competency in French.

Check out Syllabus for 2015-16 Here 

French Level 2: Intermediate

The intermediate French course is designed to build upon the vocabulary and pronunciation students developed in French Level I. Students will add to their vocabulary through speaking exercises and conversations with their peers and teacher in French. Students will study more advanced grammar concepts, such as the past tense and future tense conjugations of verbs learned in their beginning French class. Students will utilize project-based learning to demonstrate their grasp of the French language and culture. 

French Level 3: Advanced

The goal of the advanced French course is to prepare students for the New York City Language Other Than English (LOTE) Examination in the French. Students will focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to become proficient in communicating in French. Students will expand their writing skills by composing passages entirely in French, using the past and future tenses learned in the intermediate French course. While students prepare for the French LOTE exam, they will analyze passages written in French and examine the grammatical structures used to communicate in French writing.