At HSCL, we provide a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum and innovative teaching which encourages our students to think independently and communicate their ideas with confidence.


*Based on Regents scores for all students in High School for Community Leadership who took the respective exams in January, June, or August 2017.

We believe that when the instruction is academically rigorous, students actively explore, research and solve complex problems to develop a deep understanding of core academic concepts that reflect college readiness standards.

Increasing rigor allows students the opportunity to develop and apply habits of mind, as they navigate sophisticated and reflective learning experiences. We encourage our students to push themselves, offering programs such as the SAT Kaplan prep class, to ensure student achievement during and after their high school career.

Through an academically rigorous program students not only gain knowledge and skills to achieve at high levels, they also gain ways of thinking and doing that prepare them for college, work, and citizenship.



*Based on the comparison to peer schools from the 2012-13 Progress Report

We believe that by creating a cultures of learners, we can develop the potential of our students. We offer many field trips and hands-on activities in the neighborhood such as extra-curricular college readiness courses, internships, volunteer opportunities, and leadership programs which are designed connect students to their community.

We have multiple trips to the colleges, museums, and theaters, a pep rallies, field day, an annual thanksgiving dinner, and an annual school wide field trip to six flags every year,  which further develop and rewards students for their success and hard work. .

High School for Community Leadership promotes all types of learning that transcends the classroom and develops well-rounded people, ready to have a positive affect on the world.