HSCL Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello HSCL Parents and Guardians,

This post contains the zoom meeting information for all teachers for the Friday, November 18 Parent Teacher Conferences. Please look for the appropriate teacher and click on their link to join at any time between 12:30PM to 3:30PM. If you need assistance, please send an email to tgonzalez@nychscl.org for help.


Mrs. Amaro, Mr. Grimaldi, and Mr. Romeo: 11th Grade English and Social Studies

Mr. Goodridge, Mrs. Obertance, and Mr. Rosen: 9th Grade English and Social Studies

Mrs. Carrozo: French

Mr. Chouiab: Creative Chemistry and AP Chemistry

Mr. Jhocson and Ms. O’Donnell: 10th Grade Math and Science

Mrs. Erhard-Joyce, Mrs. Duran, Ms. Gonzalez, and Ms. Willis: Guidance Counselors

Ms. Prashaud, Mr. Nankishore, and Mr. Lao: 11th Grade Math & Science, Business Math


Ms. Lutsky and Mrs. Jovel: ENL

Mr. Jones and Mrs. Silverstein-Jones: Health and Gym

Mrs. Corradino: Culinary and Forensic Science

Mr. Cullen, Ms. Younis, and Mr. Urena: 10th Grade English & Social Studies, Writing

Ms. Quinonez: Music

Ms. Tobar: Spanish

Mrs. Villegas and Mrs. Penedo-Balbi: 12th Grade English and Social Studies

Ms. Zegel and Mrs. Login: 9th Grade Science and Math

Mr. Assip: Special Education

Ms. Willis: 12th Grade Guidance Counselor

  • By appointment only, contact via email at: cwillis@nychscl.org or phone call at (347) 237-7427

In case you are unable to attend Parent-Teacher Conferences today or yesterday, please read the following instructions to find out more about how you can speak with HSCL Guidance Counselors or Teachers at any point throughout this school year:

If you have questions or concerns regarding the academics of your child and would like to meet with a Guidance Counselor virtually or in-person, please email the appropriate Guidance Counselor to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting:
– 9th Grade: Mrs. Erhard-Joyce, serhardjoyce@nychscl.org
– 10th Grade: Mrs. Duran, aduran@nychscl.org
– 11th Grade: Mrs. Duran,  aduran@nychscl.org
– 12th Grade: Ms. Willis, cwillis@nychscl.org

If you would like to email a specific teacher regarding your child’s academics, please visit the following Staff Directory page from our HSCL website. You will be able to find the email address to every teacher and staff member through the following link: http://nychscl.org/staff-directory/

We hope to see you later!
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Happy PRIDE Month

Congratulations to ALL our Seniors and good luck!


Graduation for the Class of 2022
June 24, 2022 @ 4:00 PM
Location: Front Lawn of Campus